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Re: In my opinion, the Challenger Tour Finals should be...

Originally Posted by 156mphserve View Post
It has to do with the atp because they award ranking points, it feels not right to have a tournament organized in such a way to reward participation for challenger players and then award a WC, its totally fine if some Brazilian wants to had a tournament and give out lots of prize money by if said tournament is sanctioned by the ATP, gives out ranking points and has such a name as the ATP Challanger finals then it should rewards entrants in abetted way than giving out a WC to a player who doesn't play challengers, its an unfair advantage for Bellucci in terms of gettin a better ranking, one that players around him can't get entry into through regular means because they can't enter challengers.

I'm totally fine with some Brazilians shelling out money to challenger level players giving a WC to Bellucci and calling it the challenger level Brazilian invitational. But since its involved with the atp in such a manner they shouldn't be allowed to hand out a WC to whoever they want just because its their money and their idea
I agree that this WC is as exclusive as it gets, however other tourney's can be quite exclusive with their WC's too.

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