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Re: Psychological Help and Self Help Thread. Come on in.

Originally Posted by Kowchi View Post
Ahh interesting. I can only imagine how mundane working at a bank is . Plus having poor co-workers doesn't help. Though it's always good to put things on the scale. How much money your making, not having a job.

The key point is to find the good things in your job and hold onto them. For you this would be the people you assist. Bad co-workers can make it hard. Oh and trust me I've been there with the lazy co-worker thing . I work as a Student Leader/Asian Chef at my universities dining center and we can hire everyone. Even if the person has never held a broom in their life or ever cleaned their house. So it can be annoying. BUT what can help is getting to know the lazy workers. Honestly if you get to know them, with a simple hello, how's it going? Then you can establish a better connection. Also with that connection you can sometimes influence how they work. Of course this does not apply to everyone you meet. But sometimes your hard work will be seen by others and they will pick it up. Monkey see monkey do. Plus their may be Psychological reasons why they are being lazy that day. If it's an everyday thing; then maybe they are having an on going problem, that you could talk to/help them with. You never know unless you inquire .

If you want to stay more positive with work, then do something you love, that will make your job and life seem less mundane and more bearable. Go on a bike ride when you get done, grab a drink, talk to a friend, play with your dog, look at pics of RF stuck in sand.
Happy occurrences, carry on through Your day, and that energy can even be shared with others making another persons day a good one as well
this always pop up when i say i have my job, i know its bad times Economically in the world and if someone has a job he should keep it but ppl telling me this for the last 3 years and every time i stay b/c of that.

I have enough money to stop working for a few years without a care in the world but i cant do that b/c i need to do something, i cant be lazy and at some point the monwy will fun out.

i do all the things u said and the ppl i work with, well they are working in the back more then 20 years most of them, after 5 years if u work, no one can fire u its call Job tenure, your untouchable so why should they do something? they get pay no matter what. its Encouraging to mediocrity and im not that kind of a person.

im still searching for a new jon, im studing MBA so maybe i will teach while im doing my PhD who knows? anything just leave this place.

thanks for the talk, i bitch about it a lot in the castle but never to outside ppl b/c they find it a dream job.
how they say in israel, things we see from here u dont see from there.

Hug it out as long as it takes, people
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