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Re: In my opinion, the Challenger Tour Finals should be...

Originally Posted by JurajCrane View Post
Nationality-biased post.

If you want to give a WC to somebody (stupid anyway) give it to Thiago Alves and not that freaking vulture Bellucci WHO IS ATP TOUR PLAYER AND NOT CHALLENGER TOUR PLAYER. But he is the Vulture, not Ferrer or Monaco.

Bellucci is managed by KochTavares the same sports company that organize the atp challenger tour finals . By the way, the same sports company that organized the Old Copa Petrobras. I dont know if you remember but there used to be a challenger " finals" back in 2004-2009 with the best players of the last 5 challengers played in South America ( there used to be challengers in Montevideo, Assuncion, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, etc) and it was also organized by KochTavares. So this event is basically an "upgrade"
Check this image.
You can see theres a champions tournament in december with 100,000 as prize money

Its not Bellucci fault that his managers ask him to play this tournament.
The Champions event of Petrobras Cup usually had 3 (yes, 3!!!) wildcards.
So calling Bellucci a vulture is imaturity, you are probably just mad because Klizan was gammed in 2011, so dont call me a nationalist.

Originally Posted by Slasher1985 View Post
It is acceptable when a local gets a Wild Card out of 32 players, and is a Top 50 player. But when a local gets a Wild Card out of 8 players in a competition with the name "Finals" in it, that's an outrage (imagine the ATP finals giving a Wild Card to the second British player in the world so that more British would come). The format was not imposed, so the Brazilians inventors could have hosted a special Challenger Finals with 32 players instead of 8, and the same prize pot.

Although the case is not the same (Bellucci can't lose this competition, and the second British in WTF would have no chance winning the competition), the result is the same (inserting a player that does not belong in the competition).

Nobody around here likes this event from what I see, this event has no meaning to "Increasing CH money" because it is played by top challenger players. The little players out there that are affected by the fact that they get very few money in the beginning rounds remain affected, no matter if this tournament exists or not.
Not exactly truth. If someone is willing to pay 220,000 for 8 challenger players that are top ranked, it will help create a motivation to perform better during the challenger tour. A top Challenger player take 50,000 per year playing challengers and he can get more that this in only one event.

If you create a event of 32 players, the players will get less money and earn less points.

Unless you dont know that a pleyer that loses all three matches in challenger tour finals gets 6,300 and the reserve players get 3,500.

If the problem is the wildcard for Bellucci, then hopefully someone from other country will organize it and give a wc to lets say, Daniel Gimeno-Traver or Mathieu (if its in France). But you cant complain of the format if only the brazilians are willing to organize this tournament. Its their initiative, not ATPs.

And of course I dont defend Bellucci participation, I am just giving the whole context of the tournament. Klizan didnt like it either i 2011, but I dont think a guy like Reynolds complained of getting 12,000 us$ by winning only one match in 2011.



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