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Psych Tips, Help

Punky: Job hatred happens. Trust me I worked as a dish washer at Noodles and Company over the summer and was ready to shoot myself. The best way to not hate you job is to find the good people their. Open up to someone you haven't before, learn something new about a fellow co-worker. Also if you deal with customers ask them how their day is going, and when they ask how your's is, you say FANTASTIC or Swell. I guarantee that will put a smile on your face, as well as theirs. Plus its hard to say the word Fantastic or Awesome without breaking out a smile . You can tell me your specific situation if you would like but this is just general advice.

Jverweji:Self Confidence is hard thing for anyone to deal with. Especially when it comes to jobs and your well being. I really didn't gain self confidence till I lost some weight and made some new friends. Really it took me getting serious about Tennis to help out my self confidence. You can make the same change, by doing something you love and finding people who love the same things as you. If you can be confident in what you do, that will change your life dramatically in all aspects. You will be able to wake up with a brighter face, a better attitude and people will take notice and respect you more. I'm not only preaching this; IT IS reality. Try your best to find something that makes you happy and get outside and do it. Also doing a new hobby helps. Anything from Yoga, to riding a bike around, or looking at your laptop in the park, will help you become a healthier more happy person.
In relation to jobs, try everything, take up your friends offers, don't feel guilty, be grateful! If you work your tail off at a job good things will happen

Bulldog: Self confidence is a very hard thing as I mentioned above. It's hard to be yourself and be confident. The best thing you can do is to do something that you love. Go outside, do something different and TRUST me your outlook will change dramatically. Also diet can affect this sort of stuff. Idk if this applies to you or anyone else, but sometimes an apple or orange can change your attitude for the better. If you find yourself feeling down, you have to remember the simple great things in your life: friends, family, food, school, job, hobbies, home etc. As I was saying to Punky, using positive adjectives really make you happy, and those around us happy. Also positivity can lead to great things.

Goatsol:Something tells me it may not be OCD, but general anxiety. I was in a Freshman dorm room at a Uni last year and it's a BIG change. All of the sudden you are around different people, you have to manage your own schedule and homework, and no one to tell you what to do. Probably increased anxiety from homework and having to do everything yourself. Organization may reduce your symptoms,like planner or calendar; or setting distinct time for Study and MTF/social life. If you have any questions on dorm life, please go ahead and ask I immersed myself in both the guy side of dorm life, as well as girl dorm life. (Had our small guy floor and a small girl floor above us). Also study tips etc happy to help.

This is a lot but I tried giving general advice, if you expand on your specific situation I might be able to help more
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