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Re: Psychological Help and Self Help Thread. Come on in.

Originally Posted by Jverweij View Post
well I guess we are facing the same problems m8. How would you say your view on the world is, generally speaking? To elaborate I'm a bit of a pessimist, which I think is at the root of some of my problems.
I wouldn't classify myself as a pessimist. I try to not worry about anything. If something really bad happens to me, I'll just think to myself, I'll be okay tomorrow and that's what matters. However I wouldn't say I am cheery and happy. I have negative thoughts, but like with most things, I keep them to myself.

What I would say is that I am one of the least proactive people anyone could ever meet. I try and let things sort themselves out, but as with most important things in life, they require time, effort and dedication. Deep down I think I know that, but I still lie to myself, convince myself that it can be different. The day I stop doing that will be the day life opens up.
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