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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt2)

Originally Posted by star View Post
True. It's a challenge to get the nutrients you need in a country that doesn't have any vegetarian tradition or understanding. I have a niece who worked in Russia who was a vegetarian for personal not religious reasons and she found it impossible. Then she lived in Kiev for some years. Now that she's back in the UK I'm not sure if she's vegetarian again.
Very tough .I went to Kruger this year () and as expected we could not find any food there Of course we were well prepared for it and took our own food. Lived on Yogurts and Bread when we felt hungry .I cant think how we can survive south america though where the yogurts have beef in them .
Nice avatar by the way

Originally Posted by Lee View Post

Canada has a pretty large Indian population and not many vegetarians. Those I knew while living in Calgary eat meat. so I was very surprised that lots of Indians are vegetarians when I move here. Most of those working in my hubby's office are vegetarians.
Most Indians are vegetarians true but many eat meat too . Only thing we cannot eat whatver is beef as the cow is considered a holy animal here

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
My birthday was OK until the evening I told hubby that the option to "hibernate" was not there. He tinkled it again in the afternoon. At dinner time, he told me he ran virus scan and found a trojan, it's removed but when he open outlook, it collapsed but it rebuilt the database itself. When I open my outlook after dinner, I found all the emails I downloaded into outlook for the last few days were gone plus whatever setup in tasks.
Ouch .Computer breaking down is tough

Originally Posted by nick the greek View Post
Me and Fed, so special. I want him to stick around as long as possible.
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