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Re: The "Thanks for a wondeRFul season" chat thread

Hi all. I have to share what a dream I had some nights ago.
I'm still involved in it and ho nice it was

I was playing the doubles in a tournament in the tennis-club.
So I had to change my partner - I don't remember the reason.
So I had that new one and I wasn't yet concious of who he was but we were in the court and we had to decide who where receives and who serves as 1st. So I turn back and I see Roger but in my dream or he wasn't the GOAT or I wasn't concious of it. But he seemed to be more a my level player that I as good as he is He wasn't able to decide who to serve and I remember I was telling him that we have to serve one time he and one time me and that it was better him to start because as a man he had few possibilities to be broken even he played not so bad tennis as his tactical ideas
Of all this I have only a flash and not a clear image. Just the idea of what happened

After I remember I was at the net and he at the baseline.

In that part of the dream he seemed so real as he all was reality When sometimes I turned back to see what was he doing (all about the game) I noticed (I didn't know it yet in the dream ) how handsome he was and all his charm was amazing me. So I knew I had to focus more on the match and not on him but his presence was instigating and terminating me

Unfortunately than I woke up and all finished but whit this nice sensation. I still continue thinking of it smiling

BTW. Today I played a nice double match with another partner but anyway I had a lot of fun.
We played a great shots and I could sign some of them.

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