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Re: Hianland

The kid talk against Freaky is quite ironic. It's like a giant internet school. Kids talking to kids how they are kids. Freaky being 14 and acting like a kid is quite alright. 22 year-olds and older forumers around here acting like kids, that's quite sad.

I've noticed a few key behaviors on MTF lately: people calling ACC a grown-ups game(), people bashing on users until they crack up and start posting non-sense that gets them banned (grinding), people calling everyone a clown, attention-whore, campaigning, etc, and even people asking for votes as the biggest arse-clown on the forum. There is a lot of hate floating around, when there should be good clean mature fun. How are all these behaviors any different from high-school?

And you have the courage to say that Freaky is the kid around here when he is not even allowed to take part in your good clean mature fun?

Please, let's close this subject. Hian left, Freaky liked him, everyone else should respect that no matter what. I personally respected Hian until he did this. This behavior has disqualified him in my eyes. I hope he doesn't return, that would disqualify him even further.
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