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Re: "Speed up the courts and general court speed Thread"

Speed up the courts and we will see less Career Slam winners like from 1969-1999. Grass is supposed to be very fast and slick not the current green clay. USO is supposed to be a fast HC not these days' blue clay.

Originally Posted by End da Game View Post
too right he is, these grindfest surfaces are a disgrace to the sport, talented attacking players like del potro are losing out to boring pushers like mugray and ferrer

3 players (well djoko will almost certainly win the FO) getting a career slam in recent years is ultimate proof of how much damage homogenized surfaces has done to the creditability of players' achievements these days

aggassi's career slam is worth 10 times more than if it were achieved today
Federer is the only active player that would achieve the Career Slam in ANY ERA. The current homogenization of the slams has made a mockery of the Career Slam.

The YEC is supposed to be played on very fast indoors hc not the blue clay of 2012.

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