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Re: The "Thanks for a wondeRFul season" chat thread

Originally Posted by alypen View Post
Well, not entirely my classmate: he *was* a couple of years ahead of me, so we didn't overlap much - if it is him. I'm not sure my local libraries stock QfP, but even Chris recommends it (but in the original German for preference! Not totally sure I'm up to that without reading some more general tennis stuff in the language first ).
You know German? I love Roger, but not to the extent that I'd learn German just to read QfT.

I always *hated* that ponytail, BTW. Was *so* glad when he got rid of it
Me too, otherwise I probably wouldn't have thought he was gorgeous and therefore wouldn't have became a fan.

Anyway, I just popped in because I didn't think it was worth putting in the articles thread, but Fed gets a mention in this article about coffee/beer/curry-splattering moments in sport :
That point at 5-6 down or whatever it was in the first set tie break on Monday would probably have done it for me!
if I were to make a list of such moments, it would probably never end. But that hot dog was incredible, as was the point that you mentioned.

Originally Posted by Kat_YYZ View Post
Yeah, my dad played tennis when he was young, in some amateur league in Belgrade, before the ATP was even formed. He always watched tennis on TV so I watched with him as a little kid. That's why I've been watching even since the days of wooden racquets!

My dad is a big hater ; he enjoys cheering against someone more than cheering for a favourite. He liked Borg and he was a big Sampras fan. He was mad at Fed for ending Sampras's career. But then Rafa came along. He really hated Rafa so he cheered for Fed for a while. Also he liked Roger's graceful playing style. Then Djokovic came along and he decided to support him because we're also Serbian (he's not sure if he would like Djokovic at all otherwise). He also likes Ferrer.
Like Doris said, what's his MTF username? This means that your tennis knowledge is deeper than I'd thought. Time to school some of those clowns in GM, especially the ones that claim that the current crop of players would beat players from previous eras easily.

Originally Posted by Fed_Ds View Post
Roger's hair. For real:

Originally Posted by Sunset of Age View Post
That's how I have always considered the law to be used - helpful to the people. Unfortunately, a lot of folks have no knowledge of how to achieve - and fight for! - their rights, and that's exactly what I do as a freelance-lawyer - HELP people.
This case was a rather nasty one though, I fear many folks fell for it, as they looked pretty decent... it was only after I started adding 1 + 1 = 2 and not 3 myself, when I discovered I was actually dealing with scammers.
What's a freelance lawyer? Do you work pro bono? Or do you not belong to any law firm in particular?

Originally Posted by Eden View Post

Can't wait for Rotterdam and to meet everyone again
Omg I think there's a chance I could go to Rotterdam. Need to skip some classes though...but I have a 4 day weekend so it could be doable.

Originally Posted by The Bulldog View Post
You have to go through the farm to see the goat…
Brilliant, George. Just brilliant.

But there are all sorts of ballots you can enter for Wimbledon tickets. Just don't trust online resale agencies for Wimbledon. First of all, it's illegal, secondly, it's way overpriced.
Do you mean the official one? The ticket allocation is random, no? I was referring to those travel agencies that sell sports travel packages. I used this company called Keith Prowse when I went to Melbourne - got good seats + hotel, that sort of stuff.

Originally Posted by Fed_Ds View Post
the girl I met at Bercy says she rents a hotel room for showers and stuff but for me that seems like a waste, unless you split it with a group.
I noticed some people on who went this year just paid to use a gym/rec center to shower like every other day.
Seriously? They don't have anywhere to sleep? I'm living in central London right now so I have a room here but Wimbledon is quite far away.

Omg what if I meet Roger again and I'm all smelly and gross?

Roger Federer

Originally Posted by Matt01 View Post
Fed's groundstrokes never were that good to begin with.
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