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Re: When will Djokovic lose the number 1 position next year (2013)?

Originally Posted by Mountaindewslave View Post
it's annoying to anyone with a brain, only apes thump their chests like that, or are you conceding that Djokovic is just a mindless brute?
rain or no rain, Nadal would have won that match. it's dumb you say that though, if anything it started sprinkling at the end of the second set and the courts began to play much differently with the ball bouncing much lower favoring Djokovic. shouldn't have played at all in wet conditions. coming back the next day with normal conditions just verified that Djokovic can't beat the best of the best on clay when they are in form and the court is playing how it should

it's amusing how confident you are in Djokovic winning it in 2012 when he has reached only 1 final in his career there. he is not even on par with Soderling at that tournament yet
Do me a favour and STFU.It's annoying to hatas, sissies and delusional fangirls.That's how dominant male behave.They say that some apes constantly pick their butts.They also say that mindless brutes try to bump opponents and still lose.No1e would've won RG if it wasn't for the rain, it's dumb to say otherwise.
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