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Re: When will Djokovic lose the number 1 position next year (2013)?

Originally Posted by romismak View Post
I think his chances for No.1 for whole year consecutive are bigger than year ago, i mean after 2011 2/3 of the year he had fantastic and was only defending points.

In 2013 i can see him easily hold in 1st half of the year, even if he will be worse than this year, i think he should be consistent enough to make SF,F at most events. Nadal has virtually no chance to get No.1 in 1st half, because he is just defending and is far far behind total points wise.

Roger had great 1st half of 2012 and honestly he did it, was No.1 again, but i don´t see him again to make it

I would say biggest competition for Nole could be Murray, but at the moment he is also ,,far to behind,, point wise and we all know his clay season won´t be nothing special, so his chance can come in 2nd half of the year if he can win more big HC titles than Nole

My bet for whole 2013 is Nole to be No.1 for every week in the calendar year
2nd most likely scenario is Murray having great year and be No.1 at some point in 2nd half of the year
3rd scenario would be Nadal playing out of his mind defending in 1st half everything-or a lot and than have good 2nd part of the year

But 1st scenario is most likely if Nole will be healthy - i mean Murray always will be limited on clay - so will loose some points there and well Nadal is not better on HC than Andy or Nole- Roger won´t go for another No.1 attack for sure

Masterful post. You rarely see logic like this on these boards.
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