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Roger Campaigning for Faster Courts on Tour

Roger is the only one concerned with speeding up the courts these days it seems. He would like to help to end the constant
grind-fests and injuries on the tour and he is lending his voice to a cause to save Tennis for many fans bored of these 5-6 hour marathons.

This is from Tennis Earth:

Roger Federer joined the likes of Pat Cash to use faster court on the tour as the slower surfaces not only come to rescue of the defensive players but also cause rally to last longer and increase the chances of injuries.

Federer asserted that the aggressive style of play that is well suited on the hard courts and the grass courts has also lost its advantage as they're now designed to be slower than they used to be.

"It's an easy fix,” said Federer failing to defend his ATP World Tour Finals title. “Just make quicker courts, then it's hard to defend. Having an attacking style is more important. It's only on this type of slow courts that you can defend the way we are all doing right now."

With the initiation of faster courts, Federer believes that other players will have a chance to challenge the ‘Big 4’. “I think some variety would be nice, some really slow stuff and then some really fast stuff, instead of trying to make everything sort of the same," commented Federer. “You sort of protect the top guys really by doing that because you have the best possible chance to have them in the semis at this point, I think. But should that be the goal? I'm not sure.”

Former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash also addressed the subject of slower courts, Cash said, “It is taking a heavy toll. I don’t want to see more and more players getting exhausted and injured, and I also don’t want to see everyone playing the same sort of game. The slow abrasive court surface contributes to more extended rallies and therefore longer matches.”

“Just the other week, Djokovic and Murray contested a best of three sets final in Shanghai that lasted three and a half hours. Back in my day, we hardly ever went beyond two. And of course it’s almost routine now for best-of-five sets encounter on hard courts in Grand Slam to stretch beyond the five hours mark. Remember this year’s Australian and US Open finals.”
Bravo, Roger!

In other news, it appears that Rogers split with IMG Management is primarily responsible not only for the Abu Dhabi snub, but also his decision to skip the Miami Masters. IMG was recently involved in an embarrassing betting scandal, so Roger's judgement is sound in my opinion.

Meanwhile, Rafa continues to sponsor with ill-advised "Poker Stars". I wish Roger could impart his wisdom to Rafa sometimes, but what can he do other than serve as an example. They seem like they are drifting apart in so many ways.
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