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Re: THE Thread - New And Improved For ACC!

Originally Posted by Litotes View Post
THEy removed him because of his age. 14 was deemed too young. 15 has now been declared THE limit.
When THE thread was first set up this year and in any other year I can think of there was no age limit. THE posters just had to have THE correct amount of posts. THE post count was the only requirement for THE ACC. I personally think that THE person in charge and THE other posters just didn't want Dylan in THE contest. THE contest is stupid anyway since it includes THE banned posters! If there are not enough posters active in THE forum now to get enough nominations THE contest shouldn't be held! But believe me there are plenty of posters that are active in THE forum now to do THE contest without using any of THE banned posters! And when Dylan turns 15 is 16 then going to become THE limit?

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