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Re: French Interclubs

Originally Posted by turtle-rn View Post
Well, TC Paris is currently only 4th in their group (i.e not qualified), so they aren't really doing fine; without him onboard, the prospects will hardly look any brighter. Even if the results were not up to expectation, Gilles wasn't playing bad. Aside from his gigantic Novotna moment against Zemlja, he was playing surprisingly agressive and his form was going crescendo. He even won his double match in straights last Saturday. lol
He won double match without Chardy . Gilles always waits for the off-season to shine j/k.

Originally Posted by soulage View Post
Benoit was playing for Bordeaux (Primrose) last year and that this team who won last year.
Originally Posted by turtle-rn View Post
Yep, Benoît was in the enemy's camp last year but he finally $$$aw the light.
Thanks both for the answers. So Benoit won the trophy last year and won the "prize" this year .
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