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Post Re: Richard Gasquet in the top 10

Originally Posted by Taejin View Post
The worst thing is you're not even kidding, you're genuinely clueless
Clueless? Wrong.
These are the year-end rankings, and Gasquet collected more points during 2012 than those bellow him. Doesn't matter who defended what.
I know that, but he only ended up there because Isner/Monaco lost early. That is a fact. Actually, Almagro losing helped too. He's lucky.
Originally Posted by Ben D. View Post
for some devious reasons I like reading your posts. Gasquet being a real top 10 is a pain in the ass for many disgruntled MTF lurkers like you and i like it a lot
Almagro losing in ridiculous fashion to a semi-retired 40-somethin guy is a testimony to his utter mugginess. He is 1-19 vs top 4 and there is nothing you can argue against that. 1-19

Gasquet #10
Almagro mug #1
Gasquet won't be there for very long, so enjoy it while you can.
Originally Posted by guy in sf View Post
How Gasquet got into the top 10 is a reflection of the whole year, not just one tournament. If Gasquet was ranked 35 it wouldn't have matter how Isner and Monaco did because he was not close enough take advantage of them not defending their points. Mathematically others also benefitted from Gasquet's early exit too so it's all relative. No one got a free lunch here which is exactly what you're suggesting with Gasquet.
Nobody benefitted from Gasquet losing early. He still jumped up a few places because they lost early.
And by the way, just because you watch tennis doesn't necessarily mean you understand it because based on your comments you clearly don't understand it...either that you you're a master at spinning things!
That makes me laugh. I know what I'm talking about. I always know what I'm talking about
Originally Posted by philosophicalarf View Post
Gasquet got a one-off boost from a freak tournament in Canada. It's no different than what happened with Wawrinka in Rome. +600 points makes a hell of a lot of difference down there.

Come the end of the N American season next year, Gasquet will be back to 15-20ish, where he'd be now but for the Canada points.
Correct. One great tournament helped him a lot and two early losses from other players helped him even more. Almagro losing to Stepanek of all people helped too. He's just lucky.

He won't be there for very long, so that's fine.

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