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Unofficial Age Group Live ATP Rankings [in Post #1]

As per the results of the poll, I have decided to expand my current Live ATP Rankings updates to distribute the rankings per age groups. The winners of the poll are the age groups: U18, U19 and U21. I have decided to add two more to these official three winners, one being the fourth place: U24 and one being a personal choice: U16. All 5 will be inside this OP, so be careful as this is a long post. I tried posting this in Juniors, but it does not allow IMG tags, so this is the only place where I am allowed. If Moderators would grant me an exception, this could be moved there eventually.

To decrease the size of the post I have modeled the age group tables thusly:
U16: All ranked players (16 y.o. or younger)
U18: Top 1500 ranked players (18 y.o. or younger)
U19: Top 1500 ranked players (19 y.o. or younger)
U21: Top 1000 ranked players (21 y.o. or younger)
U24: Top 500 ranked players (24 y.o. or younger)

In order to familiarize yourselves with the legend used in the tables, I suggest reading the Unofficial Live ATP Rankings thread, link here.

If you have any trouble seeing the latest image, please clear your internet cache and try again... Help on clearing the cache:

Link to complete table, where you can download the Excel full file, which you can filter upon any age group/country/year/etc methods you like: LIVE ATP

The Live ATP Rankings Thread

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