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Re: Gimpy vLove Shack vol. 3: Cool young Brits hub + their bros.

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
I knowwwww. I am torn between wanting to watch him longer and wanting him to win easily. The latter inclination usually wins though. I totally enjoyed watching his beatdown of Tipsy.
Long matches are bad for the nerves when you're watching live.

]Were you as bad as Roger in his younger days with all the racquet-throwing?
I didn't do racquet smashing, I knew that racquets were precious. I did worse, though. If I lost to my brother, I would attack him, full on. I would also yell the rudest words I knew at the time.

I like your confidence. You definitely have WAY better grammar than he does and you're definitely WAY better-looking as well. I need some evidence to evaluate your last claim...
Thanks. I'll let Andy have the last one, though. I wouldn't want to be an inherently better person than him.

Nah, I don't miss it much. I literally meant that I was looking forward to playing tennis back home. I don't perspire at all when I play here and it's really weird; and I can't swing properly with the one hoodie that I have (which Roger also has ) so I'd like to play tennnis in the heat and wearing tank tops and skirts without leggings which look so ugly. I clearly have my priorities right...
It must come with age (no offence intended), I couldn't imagine leaving home for a year, right now.

Yesssss I will hold you to it. Can't wait.
The winter is long and cruel, be patient. That's all I'll say.

I know. I found this to be particularly true of his backhand. I was really mesmerised by his topspin backhand actually, especially when I was watching from the first row and courtside. The TV angle doesn't capture the full motion well enough and it's just so pretty to look at in person.
His backhand is a beautiful shot, motion-wise, but he doesn't hit it as cleanly as some other great one-handers like Guga and Edberg. The rest of Fed's game is always so clean and smooth, though, and the ball strop tricking on the forehand produces perfect contact almost every time (save for the odd shank).
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