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Re: Could you marry another fanbase tard?

Originally Posted by GOATsol View Post
I can't believe some people would turn down dates because of which tennis player they like.

I would have no problem marrying a Nadal fan. Maybe two Fedtards in one family is too much.
This, its really sad tho and not funny. I find pathetic Orc situation, we dont share same opinions cause she likes Nadal? And Federer fan girls generaly have same views as you do? Thats pretty shallow even for your standard.

My girlfriend have no clue even how tennis was played before i met her. I teached her a bit and she tells me that she finds it boring and she never watch it unless i do, and that she thinks Olderer is great. I do not care really as long as she isnt worshiper and have Olderer posters in the bedroom and wet dreams about his nose. Tastes are different and at the end there will be always few things u will disagree with.

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