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Re: An appeal to Steve for unbanning Filo V

Originally Posted by Steve View Post
If you heart is in the right place and you knowingly break the rules its still breaking the rules. You are saying we should reward this user because they show passion? Passion for what? disruptive behavior like this is not positive and reinforcing this behavior only gives them the green light to keep going. Filo ran out of chances, its simple.
Ohhh, come on , I'm not saying that... But the guy thought he had people on his side here like Scoobs, he thought he was surrounded by friends and then he got permabanned out of the blue, even more sensible posters like GlennMirnyi got 1 year bans before getting the perma... Innocents like Filo shouldn't be treated like this, sorry man, I have to tell you that...
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