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Re: Gimpy vLove Shack vol. 3: Cool young Brits hub + their bros.

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
We can go together. Already planning to get first row seats for next year.
As long as it's for the GOAT, or any bearable player for that matter.

Yeah, that's true. It either goes out or goes into the net. Good for me though - a guy's first serve is really scary to return.
Yeah, indeed. It's always a joy to play against someone who can't make their first serve.

I find returning really tricky, though, but it's the variation in serve that does it. One point the opponent is bombing it down the tee, the next point he's kicking it up high to the backhand.

It's just too hard. My problem is still the ball toss. I can't toss it consistently in the correct position. And I'm too lazy to practise haha. Not to mention it's so hard to play tennis here - cold, no access to courts, etc. I'm gonna play SO much tennis when I go back to Singapore. I have missed perspiring like crazy under the sun and in the humidity.
Bah, the toss is not easy, especially as its easy to get into a habit of throwing it into the wrong place or too low, but if you aren't willing to practice, nothing will ever get better.

Central London is a nightmare for tennis, I have to admit.

Do you play for your school or something?
Yes, but I also play for a club and individually, too.

When is the best time to go?
I am particularly fond of it in March, right at the beginning of spring when everything is starting to flower. So beautiful.

Leave a March day free in your schedule, then.
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