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Re: •°o* Ye Olde Castle Volume 59 - All welcome at the Castle that never sleeps

Originally Posted by August View Post
I like DC a lot, it's actually my favourite nations' cup, and Fed Cup is my favourite women's nations' cup.


First of all, two great players can be enough, like it was for the Czechs. That enables smaller countries to succeed, the main thing isn't which country produces good players the most, it's about which country produces best players.

Secondly, I like that it's played on either side's home court. That means there's a football crowd atmosphere, something that's special in DC compared to other events. I'd rather scrap Masters Series than DC.
i dont lkike the DC from the same readon i dont like doubles in tennis, i truly believe that when its more then one player v another player, it takes a big part of the game, i love the fact that its also a Mental and when u play with or for a group it takes out a lot of the Mental part

thats why i dont see doubles or the DC or anything close to it.

i do think its a great joy for ppl who do like it

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