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Originally Posted by Pirata. View Post
What football teams do you support?
Don't really watch football a lot, so I don't support any teams. I'm neutral to the game, although I did fanboy Uruguay at the world cup (changed my avatar and flag) and will do so again at the next world cup. I don't know why, probably because Forlan plays for them. I like him.
Do you plan on going to university? If so, do you know where and what you'd like to do there?
I might go to university after a gap year. I shall see.
Originally Posted by Freak3yman84 View Post
Were you ever bugged about your age when you were on this forum as a 13/14 year old?
Yes, I was. However, I didn't really care and didn't get anywhere near as agitated as you got. Sure, I got annoyed far too easily back then which resulted in numerous bans for hostility towards others, but now I'm far more mellow. In fact, I'm probably one of the calmest posters on here now and that helps in arguments since the other poster can't get under your skin.
(And don't answer this by saying I only get bugged about it because I like attention, your far too predictable Mugpeod )
I wasn't going to say that, but now that you're insulting me, I guess I will. You're an attention whore and one of the greatest examples on here of a loser who feels like he needs to try hard to win ACC. Now that you're not allowed in the contest, you have nowhere to go except for THE Thread

Also, it's 'you're', not 'your' Get back to school and learn the difference.
Originally Posted by uxyzapenje View Post
As I read in your older posts, you used to respect Djokovic and talk about him as 'the best up-and-coming player after Murray', when did you decide to hate on him mindlessly? And did it have anything to do that everything you predicted for Murray back in 2009/10 Djokovic did and Andy didn't? No trolling, serious question...
I don't remember every saying Djokovic was great or that I liked him. Said he was one of the better younger players, yes, because he is. He's still a cheating, faking twat though. I've always thought that.
Originally Posted by Hian-GOAT View Post
People still making Sapeod think he is not a nobody
I'm far more relevant to the forum than you are. Also, I don't say I'm leaving the forum only to come back with a slightly different name. Idiot.
Originally Posted by motorhead View Post
what do you for breakfast?
Cereal, yogurt and fruit is my usual breakfast for week days. For weekends I don't really have a specific breakfast routine.
Is Hianmug a mug according to you?
One of the biggest attention whores on here who thinks he's great. Another mug.

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