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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt2)

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
I forgot to mention I was scared twice this morning.

First: After dropped off my boy, I was driving on the road that pass the north end of the runway for Scottsdale Municipal Airport. Less than half mile from that section, I saw a private jet took off. So I did not expect Ayone took off so fast following. So I almost jumped when another jet passed right above my car. I did not have much warning as I only heard a little rumbling before the huge sound blast To project a better picture, the first jet I saw is a big one for private jet, so let's say it's like a 15 passengers van while the jet flew over my car it was a Ferrari Plus the pilot flew it like Dom's driving

Second: I was very enjoying my shopping when my cell phone rang and it was from my boy's school. It was those automate calls informed me my son was absent from first two classes. I was confused when I saw it's from school and my mood quickly switched to panic. I called the school immediately and Ms. Brady, being a God sent all the years my son attend the school, immediately went looking for him. It ended up his second class teacher did not see him and marked him absent even he sat at the front row My son sat behind the teacher's computer monitor and had his school bag in front of him.
the second one is very scary

But I cant believe they call you if you are absent ,I mean I have cut classes in school(not much ) but my parents dont have the faintest idea . Thats wrong from the school to call the parents if you are missing

Originally Posted by nick the greek View Post
Me and Fed, so special. I want him to stick around as long as possible.
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