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Re: Why does Djokovic need to be on the verge of losing to play his best ?

Originally Posted by Orangeball View Post
Even as a Djokovic's fan I have to admit that he didn't achieve as much as he should have this year due to his inabilities to win the set at 5-5, count how many sets in those matches that he lost this year with a 5-7 reverse
in Fed-Djoko's 29 matches (yes more than Fed-Nadal's 28 matches now and they approach to the numbers of matches in the H2Hs between Becker and Edberg or Lendl and McEnroe ), there have been quite a lot of 7-6 and 7-5 (30 ones in 29 matches that's quite a lot in my eyes)

... and there have been more 7-5 scores than 7-6 !!

which means that when they go to 5-5 the probability of a break in next two games is high.

Part of it is Djokovic being a great returner rather than a great server imo which means that with him a lot of breaks can happen (it's also the case for Murray : as I've often said Djokovic and Murray are rather return-oriented, Fed and Nadal more serve-oriented, which means that their stats show that there will be more breaks in Djokovic's and Murray's matches),

part of it is that a lot of mental things happened in those moments.

So far these sets have been quite tied but some trends are interesting :

- 9-7 for Fed for scores with the score 7-5 but it used to be 9-3 for Fed !! Djokovic has won the last four 7-5 sets they played, and each time after having already come back from a break before and accelerating in his typical adrenalin accelerating style "I'm better than you, guy" which I described in first post(2nd set of the AO 2011, 5th set of the US Open 2011, 2nd set of the FO 2012, 2nd set of the WTF 2012) ;

- 7-7 in tiebreaks but Djokovic had won the first 3 ones in 2007 when Fed was at his best in tiebreaks but Djokovic started his carreer greatly in tiebreaks (he was the one who broke the 2 longest Fed's tiebreak winning streaks), since then it has been 7-4 for Fed in tiebreaks (7-3 before last WTF)

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