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Re: Career Grand Slam Semifinals

Originally Posted by duong View Post
Are you sure of your 39 quarterfinals for Federer ? I count only 38 myself.

And I count 21 quarterfinals for Borg.

Besides, Rosewall had 13 grand slam semifinals in the open era, just ahead of Wilander then.

And if you really want to put Roddick in the semifinals list, ahead of him are also Vilas (12), Murray and Courier (11), and tied with him are Newcombe and Ashe.
I don't suppose you needed confirmation, but 38 QFs is right (W: 11, the others: 9).

And Borg naturally has 21 (W: 8, FO: 7, USO: 6).

Roddick is placed below with a gap, I take that to mean he knows there are others but include him anyway, as he has been active this year.
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