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Re: Why does Djokovic need to be on the verge of losing to play his best ?

He's a slow starter, obviously. It makes sense that an offensive player like Federer comes out firing on all cylinders in the first few games while a player like Djokovic usually needs the first few games to get into the groove. A more interesting comparison would be that between Djokovic and Murray. Murray hasn't traditionally been a slow-starter like Djokovic or a full-throttle player like Federer as much as a rollercoasting kind of player who dips and peaks several times during a match. Djokovic OTOH unlike Murray doesn't usually zone out once he shakes off the intial rustiness.

It's interesting to note that while Murray is still very much a rollercoasting player, he's often had Federer-like starts this year, coming out firing on all cylinders in the first few games. That's basically how he beat Djokovic a few time this year. It's obviously a new attitude that he's learnt and adapted to with Lendl, and these great starts have helped him cancel out some of the later inevitable dips during a match. I guess that if someone like Murray can learn to be aggressive from the get-go and create a buffer of a few games at the start of a match, then it shouldn't be impossible for Djokovic to learn to do the same. It would definitely have helped him in some crucial moments of his career...

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His most ridiculous comeback was vs Fed at the USO. Aside from that FH winner, the most amazing thing was that Fed hardly won a single point from then on. Considering he was broken to love at *3-4 it was an amazing turnaround.
He's had a few close calls these last couple of years, but the more I think about it the more I feel that out of all those close calls this was the one match that he really should have lost, it was a bit like cheating death. Federer was riding a wave of confidence and great play throughout the 5th set all the way up to 5-3 40-15 and those two match points, while Novak was just holding it together even in the games that he won (he had to hit a few spectacular shots just to get himself out of trouble earlier at 1-2). That 5th set must be one of the more memorable ones in USO history...
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