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Re: Who on MTF have you met and what did you do with them?

Originally Posted by theMEESH View Post
I see how it is I guess you don't want to go to IW with me

I've met Kai at a few tournies. Penny the Penguin is a good friend now, though I don't think we talked here on MTF!
I will have to meet you if I ever end up in SoCal

Where do I start with this thread I'll try to go in order though a lot don't post here anymore.

There used to be two lovely Canadian twins that posted here whose sns were adelaide and pryss. I met them in Montreal 2005 and we ogled Mario Ancic and Novak Djokovic together.

At that tournament I also meet Chloe le Bopper who doesn't post here either I don't think, but she joined in the ogling and then we met up again at the US Open later that year.

I met a poster called La Tenista at Cincinnati 2006 when I was watching Djokovic practice.

Umm the person I am forever linked to on MTF: adee-gee, my dear Adam I have met many times. The first time we went for a drink, the second time dinner and then we watched the world cup on TV we've queued for Wimbledon a few times, we've played tennis a few times He's come to the US too! we went to US Open together and I took him to my home town area to play air hockey.

I've met Fee at Wimbledon qualifying... I also met Jimnik there once or twice

CooCooCachoo I met at Wimbledon also several times, he's played tennis with me and adee-gee and we've also gone shopping together

I also have met Lossi (don't know if she still posts), guille&tati4life, Alekutza, and Deea at Wimbledon

I've met MH0861 who is actually one of my best friends but he's more of a WTAW person than here... also In the Zone I met at a tennis exho in MSG.

I met ExcaliburII in NYC for dinner and a drink last winter.

I met jole once at the USO and I think we ate lunch together

OH! I met Metis once at the USO! I almost forgot that!

I may have forgotten someone, but clearly I will meet anyone

OH! I've met the poster Leo at the USO also.

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