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Re: Where can I find the list of top100 players and list of their racquet brand?

Originally Posted by Fumus View Post
Pretty good list...although, it's rare that a pro would be playing with a stock standard racquet you could buy in the store. Almost all of the racquets have been customized to the pros liking...swing weight, head heaviness, string pattern, length, head size have all been altered in most cases. In most cases the racquet is just a painted 10 year old version of it's newest cousin. In a way all of the top pros racquets are PJs, then again the difference between the newest Head Prestige and the one from 3 years ago is so minimal one could simply argue...they are all just paint jobs.
Yeah even with customisations aside, very few of the players using Head racquets are actually using the model they are endorsing, as far as I know most of them are using an older model not available to the public called the Pro Tour 630. The rest are mostly using more recent but still outdated models, for example Djokovic's frame is more like the MicroGel Radical than the YouTek Speed he endorses, Gasquet is using a LiquidMetal Instinct painted as a YouTek Extreme, etc.

Then you have players like Seppi and Verdasco who aren't even using the brand they are endorsing...

Originally Posted by TBkeeper View Post
Hahahaha Davydenko Dunlop in what 1 year from his whole career ?
I didn't realise he's using Prince again... he's switched racquets so many times I've lost count

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