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Re: Help: How to watch the AO with a roommate?

Well if you want to wake up and watch do it. Set the alarm, and wake up, turn the TV on very low volume, or watch on computer with headphones. You can be quiet enough that the other thing that might bother her would be the alarm which is over in a few seconds anyway. I think she can deal with that.

As for getting it to work with your schedule, it depends on where you are and what your schedule is like. Here the AO starts at 8:30 PM so I don't have the waking my roommate up problem when it comes to the beginning of the Australian day. I usually try to schedule classes grouped together and fairly early(though not too early as then I have the rest of the semester when I hate waking up early ), then come home and get my sleep in in the afternoon, obviously if your classes are spread out this won't work and you're either left with skipping class or skipping tennis, or if the class is bigger then you could bring a laptop to class and watch during class with no volume. I used to do this all the time watching hockey when I had a night class with over 200 student in it.

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