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Re: ACC Nominations Only Thread (Please read OP)

Originally Posted by Hian-GOAT View Post
Supreme GOAT Hian-GOAT's ACC previewing

The moment you were waiting.

Hian-GOAT makes an undoubtly amazing preview of 2012 MTF ACC, THE contest of the year. So many clowns, a fought battle, who will prevail?
Let's see the favourites..

1. Topspindoctor
The heavy favourite for the title. Many think his only real opponent can be himself. Will he be able to handle the pressure and will he troll in the right roead for the title?
Differently from many Vultures, Topspindoctor has gained all the respect he has got not vulturing up points in Non-Tennis or other inferior places of the board, but by trolling left and right in General Messages!!!
His costant hate for some players, his ability to demolish every good thread, his lack of personality.. who will be able to defear this personification of troll?

2. Motorhead
Many underrate him because at a first view he seems an innocent user.
But many users, including Supreme GOAT Hian-GOAT, have stated that he is able to produce a great amount of unconditional hate close to obsession for some users, like the GOAT himself.
Maybe not the favourite, but one of the dark horses for sure.

3. Hian-GOAT
Hian-GOAT tried to chance the board, but he failed.
The Gifs, the threads, his great personality... all these elements made him more hated than a spot in Angela Lansbury's interesting movies.
Many accused him of caimpaigning for the whole year, but he admits he never considered the possibility of winning ACC Slam. "I am just perfect", he stated several times.
But now, close to being Top seed and near to the title, perfection seems quite far away from him.
One to watch out with any doubt.

4. Filo V.
Recently banned because of a conjury against him (organized by many ACC direct opponents), Filo is on the right way to become Top Seed.
His ability to gain points both on General Messages and on Non-Tennis should give him the title of Slamful Vulture, which seems a contradiction.
But it isn't, you know, it is Filo.
Hopefully he won't be too destroyed by the ban and can succesfully compete for the title.
Hian-GOAT considers him too sweet and good to do this, by the way.

5. Sapeod
The real troll, as many users said.
Obsessed by his talentless hero and by his own figure, Sapeod just makes mixed feelings in people: some love him, some hate him, and some consider him as relevant as a piece of cake trashed in the ground.
His fans will hardly vote to make him advance in che competition, but some people are sure he is going to win a Fluke Winner like Murray, his hero, is.

And let's not forget of the trollish BloTree, of Looner, of shameless Pirata... all are there for the crown, but just one will take it..
Nice preview. I wish I was on the list, but unfortunately everyone seems to think I'm not a clown
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