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Re: Unofficial Live ATP Rankings [in Post #1]

Originally Posted by duong View Post
I made a mistake : it's not next but last week

Anyway I don't know really but what I generally mean is that it can also make sense for the ATP that "their" year ends in the WTF. Although it's not the end of the calendar year, which makes indeed some things difficult to understand, but it's like that.

But it's not a message "DC doesn't matter" either : the points from DC final last year do indeed count.

and even better : the points from this final will be the first points counting for the Race next year. That's how it was done last year for Nadal and Ferrer. Even more : in the Race, they counted the points from 2011 DC's final but not the points from late challengers in 2011 (which will be even more of a problem next year imo as the WTF being earlier, there are more late challengers, I wonder if they will include these late challengers in the Race for next year this time).

But it's true that the DC is an ITF event, not an ATP event.
This makes perfect sense. DC final points should count, and since it is after the WTF, they are included for next year. I guess it is too much to ask them to include the points in the next year for the Race, but the same year for determining commitment players. That said, I still believe that with the shorter and shorter season they can include the DC final points(Make an exception for DC, even though the ATP calender ends at the WTF).

Talking about the DC final points, I just realised that I do not know when the bonus points of DC are dropped(don't know why I did not think of this before, and am too lazy right now to look it up). The most obvious answer would seem that they would drop when the final points are dropped the next year. But, consider this scenario: Player X gets both the team bonus and the performance bonus in a particular year. The next year the does not play any DC match. Now at year end(after WTF) he would still have 350 DC points in his rankings, 200 of which are as a result of matches he played in the previous year, some over 18 months ago.
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