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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - ACC is finally here.

Originally Posted by tennizen View Post
Exactly what it appears like.

Anyway, Filo V used the exact same victimization drama to get a bunch of people banned last year, so anyone who witnessed that and still engaged with him deserves to be banned imo. Newcomers who were unaware( Elister maybe) hopefully learned their lesson.

Seriously though, playing the victim on MTF is a wonderful strategy. Anyone who expresses outrage and indignation and goes on a reporting spree forces the mods to act.

What happened with Thanos and durrr? Only a short ban for Thanos but he will not be pleased when he comes back

HL (for the brave nomination despite the possibility of incurring Thanos' wrath)
Nah i was well aware of Filo provocations, i didnt said anything that bad so i would get a ban. I know to draw a line before getting banned. Tho what i find really bannable offense is to nominate you for ACC, pregnant woman are really beutifull, but they might be scary sometimes when hormons goes wild.

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