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Re: Previewing the ACC competition

Shit is so blown out of proportion it's not funny.

First of all... Filo, the fact that you can't distinguish the difference between the revealing details of sex and the notion of sexuality & life is quite bewildering.

So what? I'm heterosexual (and was bi-curious I have to admit), but do I blurt out vulgar details of my sex life to the public.. saying how big my cock is, or I did 'such and such' to 'such and such'? No. Why? Not only is it unnecessary and grotesque, but it is shunned upon the wider community. Most particularly, women would fucking have my neck on a plate. The same thing applies regardless of whatever sexuality you are. I'm not sure what other posters think but, regardless of your sexuality, posting extremely indecent, revealing details about 'who you had sex with and and what you did, how you did it, and what happened after..' is simply not right from a "normal", public standpoint in today's society. The ones you had sexual encounters with... how would THEY feel if they found out the stuff you've been posting here? Talk about an invasion of privacy. The dirty stuff you post can be read all over the internet by anyone. Come on. You can't tell me that people criticizing the nature of those sexually revealing posts means that they are attacking you and your counterpart's sexual performance, sexuality, way of life, and so on. Does that really mean "Filo, your posts about sex are too revealing, hence I dislike your sex life"?. I don't know about you, but that doesn't make sense to me. It really doesn't. And the fact that you don't get that difference, is why this whole mess is created in the first place. And as a result the offense you take from this, is exaggerated. But yes, although it's true that quite a number of posters aren't particularly 'calm' with this dilemma (and some of their opinions I admit are pretty uncalled for), it's clear that a majority of the posters don't favor sexual vulgarity in these forums, irrespective of a person's sexual orientation. Perhaps it is best saved for forums that are dedicated for purposes related to sex. And given that quite a number of posters have said that you've falsely accused them for something that they've never said or done to you (including me), that doesn't rectify anything. That just builds an already unnecessary argument that goes around in loops. It's a twirl that keeps growing in magnitude as it keeps on spirally outwards; the same uncalled-for shit over and over again, and as a result we become hypocritical. It doesn't solve anything, and we all know it.

Step outside of the square, outside of this confrontation, and it really is just a tiny issue. Hell, it isn't even an issue, it's a simple request. But the challenge is to not make such a big deal out of it. It's basically summed up in three words: 'tone it down'. That's all it is. I don't see how these three simple words can create such a volcano.

We know that you are proud of your homosexuality and to admit that you are, let alone being proud of it, is far from easy and that deserves a lot of respect. You deserve to live the life you're living, and no one can take that away from you. But really, you have nothing left to prove to us that you're proud of who you are. You don't need to go through the details, because we get it (well, I do anyway). Here's my view of your sexual posts. Although I'm not fond of what I see of it as quite crude and gaudy, it suggests to me that you're living a happy and satisfying life. But I don't really need those extra (what you say as 'beautiful', I call it 'unpleasant' on behalf of a public point of view) details to prove to us that you're doing great. Everyone has different opinions on the matter, we all just have to deal with it. Yes some people appear to be 'assholes', but we can't tell behind that username and avatar. Who knows, he/she could actually be a really cool person IRL, but just having some fun (but unfortunately it does get out of hand as a result of hidden identity). Everyone deserves to have some fun. And yes, unfortunately that can also mean that they're homophobic/heterophobic... but we can't simply stereotype and blindly accuse that to EVERYONE (or trolls) who aren't homosexual/heterosexual. It's not a valid argument to make. But from the looks of it, there is definitely some paranoia and insecurity. I can see how hard it is to not think about whether or not it's got to do with your sexual orientation, whenever you feel like you're told to do something that you don't particularly agree with. I totally get it. It's the fact of feeling like you're being 'bossed around' on the basis of who you are as you live out life. You're conditioned to feel threatened whenever someone doesn't agree with you, no matter how big or small the issue is; because the general mainstream media keeps convincing the entire world that homosexuality is frowned upon in society. This is what I hate, and it sucks because this is not something that I can help you with or convince you.

Your issue can easily be solved by simply trying to make your sexual posts sound less nasty. Of course at the same time, I can see why it's not easy for reasons above. But everything is just so fucking misunderstood.

Secondly, we should all owe each other an apology. I don't think it's right to keep feeding Filo with more confrontational posts, because that's obviously not going to cure that paranoia. At worst, we should all explain our issues with him more lightly. Otherwise we're just going to get this never-ending argument that will transcend to the end of our days, and I'm pretty sure this is a monkey (no, not Filo, the issue of misunderstanding) we all want off our back. We all need to justify and put into perspective what we say. Wishing death or misfortune, or any form of offensive retaliation on someone just because you feel offended (ie. whether you take it the wrong way or not), isn't the answer as we can evidently see with pages of threads littered with massive shitstorms of headache-filled arguments.

Anyway's I'm done. Getting a headache myself, so fuck you all for making me post this. But at least my exam period is over, and it had to be done to clear up any misconceptions. We can all learn from this... I hope anyway (even though I've probably contradicted myself a few times).

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