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Re: Previewing the ACC competition

Originally Posted by Filo V. View Post
You are an anti-gay human slimball. If you're 100% cool with gay people, then why do you attack homosexuality at EVERY TURN? Why do you attack me on the basis of my HOMOSEXUALITY? Why do you write monologues about how "ridiculous" men marrying men is and how men need to man up and be "real men" again?

And they don't behave like you=they're less open with their sexuality. Or in other words, as long as I don't have to actually confront someones' homosexuality, I'm OK, but as soon as I do, there's gonna be a problem. You are one of the most negative, most ignorant, most mean-spirited pieces of garbage I've ever witnessed. You're an embarrassment to Australians. And you want to twist shit on me, sorry hun, but you're a bigot. Nothing you say can ever change the fact that you're a bigot, and I am not a bigot.
That was an attack on straight men actually...the metro styles who use make up, nail polish, carry those girlie bags and act in an effeminate manner. Basically Justin Bieber types replacing Clint Eastwood types...if u get my analogy..ok?

As for the rest of your posts, more personal attacks and baiting, NID there is a poster in bad reps thread who has a theory that u are not gay, but trying to make gay dudes look bad by being as obnoxious as possible...noone could be actually believing in all that bs, u spew outcorrect? So I believe in his theory more and more
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