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Re: Rank the Classiness of the top 10 from most class to least class

Fedtroll convinced his pigeons to hang around for a decade to do the dirty eliminations of Slam contenders.

It's a rarity to have the perfect clown to get what Federer wanted. Perfect boring tennis from 2004 to 2006 & 2009 Wimbledons.
Nadal still won 2009 Australian, despite RoDdick taking advantage of Federer's ill nemesis. So Federina cried for Laver's sympathy. Tsk tsk.

Money still can't get rid of Fed's white trash behavior.
Nothing worse than insults in interviews, taking the number 1 player's seat & bragging about dominating tennis when he had injured opponents...
His self-congratulating, backstabbing, Fed ass-kissing opponents retired but received no respect, no matter how hard they tried; their dignity was sacrificed for Federina. No one's worst behavior comes close to the pathetic Fed image created by the media. Slams and ranking didn't compensate for Federina's classlessness. Fed's loser friends know too well. They are familiar to this bullshit. Old players from decades ago don't know him as well, so they are just big talkers on TV.
1. Ferrer - improved mightily, despite being a choker on clay
2. Del Potro - nice but needs to shut Federer up on the court
3. Djokovic - too passive on and off court this year
4. Murray - needs to get in Federer's face and belittle him
5. Nadal
6. Gasquet
7. Tsonga
8. Berdych
9. Tipsy - meltdowns
10. Federer - why's he here? this beneficiary of media lies is a disgrace.
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