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Re: How often have you watched Rosol-Nadal highlights?

Originally Posted by duong View Post
I'm not obsessed, just "blasé", disappointed, I've learnt to know MTFers and understand forums better than in the past. And understanding helps ...

And when you told me that you had decided to go into these wars just because it was impossible to do anyway else even though you found it stupid ... in my eyes there could not be any better assessment of the total failure and deviation of this forum (the GM section at least) from tennis to something else.

And even you, who said "it was fun", I read some posts from you later which showed that you didn't have any fun with it.

Anyway a "Fedtard" in my eyes should be a Fedlover, not a Nadal-hater. Or call him a "Nadaltard" if his real obsession is Nadal, not Fed.

And a "Nadaltard" should be a Nadal-lover, not a Fed-hater.

Same for Djokotards ...

Some few people genuinely love a player and hate another one, like Start Da Game who genuinely loved Nadal and hated Fed.

But more ones just like to spend their time spreading hatred through sarcasm or anything ... because there's no better place to express hatred than the internet : how do you that in real life ? hardly impossible because it would lead to very bad consequences.

And that was typically the case in the Nadal-Rosol bullshit.
Simply, if you don't like it find somewhere else. If you gain nothing from visiting this forum why bother?

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