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Re: •°o* Ye Olde Castle Volume 59 - All welcome at the Castle that never sleeps

Originally Posted by Punky View Post
so they curse and call each other names and in the end the user most ppl dont like is the winner?
Here you go Amber the nomination thread isn't usually that bad, but once the voting starts look out! The contest is being run by Action Jackson and this is his first post of the ACC Nominations Thread. For your reading enjoyment

ACC Nominations Only Thread (Please read OP)
Yes, it's that time of the year again and this is the Nominations Thread. That's right nominations, not a voting thread, or a chat thread bitching about being nominated.

With the nominations you are allowed to nominate 3 different times and have at the most 10 selections per post. It's not compulsory to do so, except you can't have more than 3 attempts.

It makes it easier to tally up the amount of nominations. Whoever has most individual nominations will be the top seed and the top 128 in the tally make the main draw.


1. Arseclown
2. Slapnuts
3. Cockchimp
4. Knucklehead
5. Man Utd fan
6. Real Madrid fan
7. Sergio Busquets
8. Etienne de Villiers
9. Gary Glitter
10. Lance Armstrong

So you need to think about your nominations and please don't edit the posts as they won't be counted. Only editing that will happen is when posts don't conform to the rules.

Yes, permabanned users are allowed in the contest as long as they are banned this year. The 300 post rule for participating in the contest is the same for nominations.

The op out rule is there as usual, but that comes with a condition. If you want to opt out of the contest, that means you can't nominate anyone or take part in the voting. Just post in the thread withdrawal and you're out. However, if a poster wants to change their mind all of a sudden they can't withdraw a second time.

It's not a chat thread, and nominations will close Monday 02:00 GMT

The contest can and will be cancelled by El MTF Presidente scoobs if people can't follow the rules.

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