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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt2)

Originally Posted by Chirag View Post
Driving is not tough to be honest .I cant wait to go home and drive our car Passing that test is so pretty simple
It gets easier with time. :9 But it's not true that it's easy to pass the test. It depends on the country, even the city where you do it. I have read that 40% of the portuguese learners fail their first try. Most of them do know how to drive, but the examiner is VERY demanding and it's really easy for a good driver to fail tbh.

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
My laptop is on life support again but I won't have my new desktop at least this weekend.
You still have the iPad so you can chat with us.

And I just remembered this: how jinx worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by The Bulldog View Post
Maybe it will get easier for me. I've found it pretty hard, but everyone has their own level of working at different things. For every activity you are good at, there are countless you are hopeless at.
Listen to me. Everyday I drive I feel more confident. Today I drove again, easy, simple, perfect no mistakes. 2 days ago I was still feeling a bit unsure. It's a process that takes time, so no need to rush it. I passed the exam and I am still learning, it's normal. But you will get there, I am sure!

Originally Posted by star View Post

The cobbler's children have no shoes. b

RaquiRaquel! One of my food mags came yesterday, and I see it has a whole article PLUS recipes for white chocolate. The writer bemoans the lack of respect for white chocolate while admitting that really good white chocolate suitable for cooking has been difficult to obtain until fairly recently. He give a list of the best.

Felchlin Mont Blanc Couverture from Switzerland ( :ras ) Mildly sweet with a fresh milkiness well-suite to trufles and confections

Valrhona Ivoire from France - an elegant richness that comes through best in pudding ganaches and frostings

Askinosie Davao White Chocolate - a single origin bar made with goat's milk powder offers layers of earthy nutty nd floral flavors and is best eaten out of hand.

E. Guittard High Sierra -- carmel notes that lend cooked-sugar depth to glazes and gnache

Vintage Plantations 33% Cacao White Chocolate - The ecuadorian cocoa butter imparts powerful aromas of pineapple and coconut to any desert

El Rey Icoa -- This Venezuelan product tastes strikingly of milk chocolate and is good melted into ganache or hot cocoa

Perugina White Chocolate -- This Italian chocolate possesses a balanced roundness reminiscent of sweetened condensed milk. It is perfect for custards

Lindt Classic Recipe White Chocolate - has a straightforward dairy smoothness making it ideal for folding into cookies, brownies or ice-cream

Ghirardelli White Chocolate Baking Bar - Hints of coconut and honey add a subtle fragrance to butter cakes, custards or icings

Cacao Barry Zephyr -- The soft salinity of this Belgian chocolate makes it a match for nuts and dried fruits.
That one star. It's to die for. I forbade my grandmom to buy it because when she buys a box, I eat it in 2 days!!

I am thinking about baking another white chocolate cake soon. You should do it too! Thanks for sharing.

Also that thing I wanted to share.

A couple of weeks ago, there was this ceremony in an institution in Lisbo about the Holocaust. Some highly educated doctorates from the best Universities were invited and it seems they also invited the Israeli Ambassador in Portugal. During his talk he said the following:

"Portugal was the only country which flag was flown half-mast for 3 days after Hitler's death was known. It's a stain that for us, Jewish, will always be associated with Portugal."

I was so pissed. How dare this guy say this?? We were under a dictatorship, there was this guy making all the calls. And even though he was sort of "friends" with both Hitler and Mussolini, we never fought the war with them. And my country helped the Jews in many ways during WWII. (This guy was awesome Even if he had help them, how can he look ME or anyone my age in the face and say such a thing about a dictator we never even met but have only heard and read about.

How can he, almost 70 years after it happened throw this in our faces?

A history doctorate from the University of Coimbra answered him though: "I refuse carrying the weigh of that stain." And that is exactly the way I feel. I refuse carrying that weight.

Am I being unfair here? It really made me angry.
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