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Re: Is Murray using mind games during matches?

guilty of the injury "faking" and questionable MTOs but at least he isn't delaying all aspects of the game.

Also Murray is one of the better at turning matches. Playing bad himself or opponent in god mode then he has horrible body language. That can give the opponent confidence. Even crappy lower ranked guys starting to take out the victory. Then suddenly he smells weakness and goes all super-pumped. The pushing can be relentless and he can go from looking like he had given up to look like he's fighting for his life on every point.

Some opponents crap their pants then and choke. Murray has turned many matches being 0-2 down with such mind games. Maybe it wasn't on purpose early in his career but now that he's seen it work so many times I think he's being very self-destructive / injured on purpose just to set the opponent up for a nasty surprise.

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