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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - ACC is finally here.

Originally Posted by Hewitt =Legend View Post
The poster who wins is usually the person that is prominent around the time of voting. People have short memories and forget the clownery from the beginning of the year. There's also the fact that he's been banned for the majority of the year.

But yeah, if he has another meltdown like last year he will probably emerge victorious.

For me, Lenders' has been a way bigger clown this year. It's gotten to the point where I think he is actually starting to believe the drivel that he spews on a consistent basis. Just another clown but with good grammar.
Yes he's a clown, but not big enough to be a title contender. I mean yes, his drivel is extremely annoying at times, but... I don't know... his opinions don't convince me enough that he's 'worthy'. It's clear that he hates Ferrer beyond the 'vulture' reason, but it's almost as if he's saying it just for the hell of it... for me, I can sort of tell whether people are for real or not when it comes to posting shit. In fact, he's actually a good guy when the topic is not about tennis.

I mean take Fuglo V. with his vulgar posts about his sex life, and how he goes into great detail into it (and more to the fact that he talks to himself)... it's unnecessary, vulgar and offensive and I'm speaking on behalf of every poster here, young and old. Not to mention, he takes stabs at players he hates for no apparent reason, wishing them to fall out of the top 300 or whatever.

Hian about himself
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No shit.
Originally Posted by MTwEeZi View Post
Never held a racquet in my life.
Originally Posted by MTwEeZi View Post
I've played the game for close to 10 years. This should come as no surprise to many.

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