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Re: Barack Obama has won reelection in the 2012 United States election.

Originally Posted by star View Post

Are you saying that if someone tells me that it was too bad that women were ever given the vote because women aren't capable of applying reason to their political choices, and the white women who voted for Obama were by and large sluts whose only desire is to have alpha sex,* I should just choose not to be offended? That it's my fault if I find such language and "reasoning" offensive?

Obviously being offended is a choice, but being offensive is also a choice. For myself, I think the would would be a much better place if people simply chose not to be offensive.

*This is actually an opinion but forth by the Christian Men's Defense (whatever that is).
Since you say that being offended is obviously a choice, then why choose to be offended by idiots?
Yes of course such language and reasoning is offensive, but they are idiots. Idiots should be ignored, because they will never choose not to be offensive. It is not your ''fault'' that you find something offensive, but you can ignore it. Now, if your vote is ever taken away, then you can be really offended.

Ever since a company accountant in New York lost his job for saying that the upcoming annual budget would be niggardly and was found to have ''offended'' the black employees by using that word, I have been convinced that the PC idiot police are winning.

The point is that no matter what is said, someone will choose to be offended. And more and more, political correctness is trending to the opinion that people have a right not to be offended. Soon any kind of speech will be impossible.

The same thing is happening in universites apparently, where professors have to water down their lectures and avoid saying anything controversial.


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