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Re: How often have you watched Rosol-Nadal highlights?

Originally Posted by duong View Post
I'm a Fedtard and am the kind who is allergic to Nadal but I watched the highlights 0 time, I still can't understand the fancy about that match. These things happen, Nadal was not at his best, Fed also nearly lost to Benneteau next day, and imo Benneteau didn't play worse than Rosol (oh yes that 5th set is supposed to represent the whole match ).

Gulbis-Berdych was a better match.

Don't call Fedfans the "general haters" who spread their hatred on GM (who are just a little bit different from the haters coming from the Nadalchat like Acionescu - both of these kinds of haters hardly speak of their own supposed favorite by the way, they just "chat and hate", which proves that they're more about hating than about anything else).
That's why we call them fedtards, we can tell the difference.

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