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Re: Is Murray better liked in America than Britain?

I don't understand why Murray is hated through out the world. It just makes no sense. The lack of respect and disgusting behaviour by people oh here and ppl through out the world is embarrassing. He is an human being, not the devil. He has done nothing wrong to deserve this hate and I for one am embarrassed to call myself British, You should be ashamed of yourself. He has brought nothing but determination, spirit and effort to this sport. The many times I have seem people say he is a mug, he should retire, he should do this do that is very demoralising and pathetic. and as a matter of fact the British are pompous gits when it comes to tennis. Their mentality is just all about glory hunting and and that crap. They don't respect the game as well as others do.

Andy Murray ---- 2 time grand slam champion. Your argument is invalid.
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