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Re: "Speed up the courts and general court speed Thread"

Originally Posted by LeChuck View Post
I should explain that by top player fan, I mean someone who only cares about whether their favourite player continues to rack up the big titles, and doesn't care about much about the rest of the sport in general.

Of course it would be better for the players as a whole and for fans who like seeing different styles of tennis, if there was more surface variety.

We need slow surfaces on the tour, and we also need fast surfaces. Tennis would suck if the majority of surfaces were ice rinks that gave rise to ace-fests, and it sucks at the moment with too much tennis being played on slower hard courts. Players grinding so much on at these hard court events is harmful to their long term health as well, with their bodies taking a such pounding.

I think that the red clay tournaments need to be slowed down, the Wimbledon grass needs to be sped up, there needs to be a greater difference between the Australian and US Open hard courts with one of them playing fast and the other playing slow, carpet needs to be re-introduced and implemented at all the indoor events and Miami needs to change surface to green clay.

The extra week that will be introduced between RG and Wimbledon from 2015 is a very welcome (and long overdue) step in the right direction.
That's going too far. Carpet would produce ace-fests, which almost nobody wants. Although a couple of 250s or even 1 500 would be fine IMO, but not a 1000, and definately not ALL indoor events.

4th clay 1000? No thanks.

As for indoor hard, didn't you hear? The trend pushed by Djokovic is to marginalize indoor tennis (make it optional, put WTF right after the US Open). The next step will probably be switching WTF to outdoor hc. Djokovic/Murray is the future, so we all know who the ATP will listen to. It would be bad business no to cater to the current top players. Who cares about being fair (providing varied conditions) to lower ranked players. Who cares about Fed, who is declining and will retire in a couple of years at most.

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