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Favourite Top 100 Tennis Player - Group 5

Hi, this is Hian.
Here is a new idea for this board. A survey, a poll, where, after a series of eliminations I'm going to explain, we will see who is the favourite player for MTF.
This is totally different from "MTF's favourite player", because it is organised in a MUCH DIFFERENT way, which allows this poll to be somehow more interesting.

Top 100 players have been divided into 10 groups. Players from each group have been taken randomly, with Top 10 players being "seeded" players, to avoid them to collide in the first round.
First 4 players from each group move to the "Quarters", for a total of 40 players. Then, again, 4 random different groups, and the best 4 again will advance. 16 players standing now, divided into two groups. 4 advance again, and they will be the 8 players of the final.
You just have to vote for each poll, After a three days I'll close the poll, and will start the poll of another group You can vote for more than a player, but obviously you should make just your real faves move to the next stage

Group 5

1. (3) Murray, Andy

2. Cilic, Marin

3. Benneteau, Julien

4. Fognini, Fabio

5. Falla, Alejandro

6. Soeda, Go

7. Dodig, Ivan

8. Nalbandian, David

9. Cipolla, Flavio

10. Donskoy, Evgeny

I'm basically giving a cakewalk to Murray.
IMHO polls are made RANDOMLY of course.

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