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Re: Is Murray better liked in America than Britain?

Originally Posted by Hypnotize View Post
That's as stupid and ill-informed a comment as I've seen on here. The SNP came to power because Scotland was sick of the ruling Labour Party. Ever current poll for independence however has support at around 30% so having a nationalist party in power hardly means we want to separate from the UK. They were merely the better option. Your ignorant post does however illustrate why English people are not very popular in Scotland (or most other countries in the world).

I was at Wimbledon and the Olympics and Andy was treated like a God at both events. I've never been a Murray fan but it was still enjoyable getting caught up in the crowd support when I was at his matches. His problem at the O2 was that after winning Olympic gold and the US Open, fans expected a newer, better Murray. I'm not in favour of booing anyone but I can understand why he lost fan support when he reverted to his old ways in the Federer match. I've never liked his attitude but he is long past the time when the public will put up with him behaving like a stroppy teenager on court especially as it seems to lose him matches.
SNP had it in their manifesto. You voted them in. Ergo it’s something you agreed with.

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