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Re: LGBTQIAP MTF posters and straight allies unite!

Originally Posted by Hian-GOAT View Post
I honestly think Filo is one of the best users and best things ever had. Yeah, he is sometimes too harsh in his hateful comments towards players, but he is so different in many ways from anyone else that you can just be happy when you see threads like this.
He does not try to be original like the likes of Topshitty and others like motorhead, he is original, and he is good.
Keep going, Hian is with you.
Thank you babe for these kind words, they are really appreciated

I think the thing is............there are people here with personality, and there are a lot of people here who lack it. And those with personality tend to like me, and those who lack personality tend to dislike me. Which I couldn't care less about. I'm just going to continue doing me, and being fabulous.
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