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Re: "Speed up the courts and general court speed Thread"

People put way too much emphasis on court speed. What is making these matches such a grind feast on every surface has to more to do with current players outstanding conditioning and stamina. When you have supreme confidence on your legs and lungs, you will automatically favor a less risky game, with higher percentages of safe margin in your shots. I mean, the US open courts are not slow, but you still had a Djokovic/Murray grueling physical final. More grueling than several old RG finals between clay courters. These current medium/fast courts would be the same types that Sampras, Edberg would comfortably play their attacking games on their era.

I would say along with having more balanced surfaces is taking the anti-doping control more seriously, that is an area which a lot of people don't put attention to and in my mind could really help to change the dynamics. The anti-doping testing is inept, currently. So along with a petition to speed up the courts, should be first of all to have stricter anti-doping tests, similar to what cycling is looking to do now. Then would be a good way to see results.

What is the ultimate winner in Tennis? The brick wall. Guys with supreme confidence in their physic will look to mimic their games on that rather than fleshy shot making, the brick wall is the ultimate formula for winning it and Peds can help a player get close to mimicking, making it an endurance based game. You could put some of these guys on an Ice cap and they will still look to grind it out. Make them go more to water and vitamins and you will see more risk taking and shot making back
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