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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - ( Y )

Originally Posted by Thanos View Post
that archetypes used in astrology are based on vague, ambiguous, and general statements that could relate to anything. it has already been proven to be a pseudoscience, and really has no merit to guide someone life or behaviour.
Its not to guide someone life or behaviour

If you consider the 12 signs have 12 " missions" of human society you can divide also into 12 challenges.

Aries begins all, so hes fiery. Must be calm down ans stop moving so much.
Taurus possess things. Must be less egoistical. Must move more and stop less.
Gemini is the contradiction of being two things at the same time. Is the search for the ultimate balance. If you consider balance to be less movement than contradiction that Gemini is like Aries.
Cancer is the emotion related of family and steadiness. Must be less dramatical and fight more although they never contradite themselves.
Leo is the arrogance, the passion and the compassion. Must be less egocentrical although they help people and fight a lot for their desires.
Virgo is the ability to control and distribute exactiness to the world. They arent egocentrical but must learn relativeness.
Libra knows how to be relative and appreaciate art, since they are the search of balance, but their problem is that they dont know how to handle conflict
Scropio although is the best how to handle conflict, but they destroy themselves and others too much,
While Sagittarius being a strong-willed character knows how to destroy others without destroying themselves, although they dont know how to stop it,
Capricorn knows how to stop while reaching the same sucess Sagitarium wants, but doesnt know how to change it when things go wrong,
while Aquarium knows how to change it but lacks the emotion and compassion
Pisces has.

Its just a matter of understanding what humans need to be more complete, and thats how I use astrology to become the perfect MTFer

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